Car Insurance Comparison

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For many American households, car insurance is a major bill. In 2007, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported that the average cost of auto insurance in the U.S. was about $800, although costs vary greatly from state to state and from driver to driver. In states like New York, the cost of an average auto insurance policy easily exceeds $1,000 per year.

How Car Insurance Companies Calculate Rates

Actuarial tables play a major role in determining costs. Dozens of factors can affect insurance costs depending on how insurers use actuarial tables, which are massive databases of accident statistics that show a driver’s risk factors. Some of the factors that can affect insurance premiums include:

  • A Driver’s Record
  • State of Residence
  • Gender
  • Vehicle Model
  • Zip Code
  • Age

Most insurance providers consider an incredible amount of information when generating insurance quotes for their customers, and rates vary greatly from one insurance carrier to the next.

To get the cheapest car insurance coverage possible, drivers need to compare rates from as many major carriers as they can. By actively looking for better rates, you can find better coverage at a lower price.

How Car Insurance Comparison Can Help You Save Money

Our car insurance comparison tool gives you an easy way to research insurance rates from the top carriers in the United States. Using your zip code, we create a list of local insurance providers and give you an easy way to collect quotes from each company. We offer the tool free of charge and only collect basic zip code information.

When you have a simple way to perform a cheap auto insurance comparison, you can see how your current premiums compare to rates from the top insurance companies in the United States. You can easily see how changing your deductibles or coverage limits could affect your overall policy costs. Most importantly, you can avoid sudden rate hikes due to an accident or ticket by using our tool to compare premiums immediately after these events occur.

Other Ways to Find Low Auto Insurance Rates

After you use our simple tool to compare auto insurance quotes, you can get even lower rates by taking the following steps:

    • Ask About Insurance Discounts – Many car insurance companies offer a variety of discounts. The legality of discount programs vary from state to state, but most insurers offer some simple ways to save. Teen drivers can often receive discounts for keeping a certain GPA, adult drivers can receive homeowner’s discounts and all drivers can receive discounts for shopping online. Ask your insurer about discounts to see if you can take advantage of one of these programs.
    • Take a Safe Driving Course – In most states, drivers can save a tremendous amount of money by taking a state-approved safe driving course. These courses are generally inexpensive or free. By learning how to control your car in an accident and by reviewing the rules of the road, you could save 20 percent or more off of your annual car insurance bills.
    • Choose Appropriate Coverage Limits – Most drivers don’t think much about their coverage limits and deductibles. Research different insurance options with our cost comparison tool and consider buying more or less coverage depending on your driving habits, vehicle model and other factors. If you don’t spend much time on the road and you have a full coverage policy, you might pay too much for insurance.
    • Research Your Risk Factors – Know how you stack up against other drivers. If you have a few tickets on your record or you drive a sports car, insurance companies will see you as a higher risk. Compare rates online and read insurance blogs to find ways to reduce your risk factors.
    • Check Rates Every Few Months – If you’ve held an insurance policy with the same company for several years, there’s a good chance that you’re overpaying for your coverage. Ideally, you should compare your rates online every six to eight months to avoid overpaying.

There are many other ways to lower your annual insurance bills. By using our simple resource to compare car insurance rates online, you’re taking the first step towards a less expensive, more protective insurance policy.

Getting Started: Comparing Car Insurance Rates Online

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